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Poly-Use of Tobacco Products among Korean Adolescents and Its Relationship with Quitting Attempts
J Korean Soc Res Nicotine Tob 2023; 14(3): 91-100
Published online September 30, 2023
© 2023 The Korean Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco.

Jun Hyung Lee1, Yoo Bin Seo2, Eon Sook Lee1*

1Department of Family Medicine, Inje University, Ilsan Paik Hospital, Goyang, 2Department of Family Medicine, Wonkwang University Sanbon Hospital, Gunpo, Korea
Correspondence to: *씠뼵닕
씤젣븰援 씪궛諛깅퀝썝 媛젙쓽븰援먯떎
Received September 13, 2023; Revised September 20, 2023; Accepted September 21, 2023.
This is an Open-Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License ( which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, dis-tribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
Background: The sophisticated marketing strategies employed by tobacco companies for heated tobacco products (HTP) have exposed many smokers to advertisements claiming that HTP can replace combustible cigarettes. Recently, the prevalence of dual or triple usage among Korean adolescents appears to be on the rise. This study aimed to evaluate the relationship between previous quit attempts and the poly-use of tobacco products.
Methods: Data from 218,949 adolescents collected in the 15th-18th Korea Youth Behavior Web-based Survey (2019-2022) were analyzed. All current tobacco users (N=12,205) were categorized as single, dual, and triple users based on their conventional cigarettes (CC), e-cigarettes, or HTP usage patterns. Likewise, all current CC users (N=10,811) were categorized as single, dual, or triple users. A multivariable logistic regression model was designed to assess the association between tobacco use patterns and previous quit attempts.
Results: Among all current tobacco users, the proportion of dual users and poly-users was highest in 2022 (32.2% and 26.9%, respectively). Dual users were more likely to have attempted to quit tobacco than single users. However, among current CC users, no differences were observed in quit attempts among the three groups.
Conclusion: This study suggests that even among adolescent CC users, the poly-use of tobacco is not associated with quit attempts.
Keywords : Quit attempts; Dual-use; Poly-use; Electronic cigarette; Heated tobacco products
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