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Cigarette Taxation and the Searching Popularity of Electronic Cigarettes
J Korean Soc Res Nicotine Tob 2018; 9(2): 86-89
Published online December 15, 2018
© 2018 The Korean Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco.

Sang Hyuck Kim1, Sohyun Chun2, Dong Wook Shin3*

1Department of Family Medicine, Osan Hankook Hospital, Osan, 2International Health Services, Samsung Medical Center, 3Department of Family Medicine/Supportive Care Center, Samsung Medical Center, Seoul, Korea
Correspondence to: Dong Wook Shin
Department of Family Medicine/Supportive Care Center, Samsung Medical Center, 81 Irwon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06351, Korea
Tel: +82-2-6190-5252 Fax: +82-2-3410-2459 E-mail:;
Received July 11, 2018; Revised September 26, 2018; Accepted October 5, 2018.
This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License ( which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
Background: Increase in cigarette prices may cause people to resort to electronic cigarettes as substitutes. We investigated whether price hike in cigarettes would evoke public interest in electronic cigarette.
Methods: The data from 쁆oogle Trends were collected. The search queries for both 쁟igarette price and 쁢lectronic cigarette were analyzed during the period of January 2006 to December 2016. We inputted 쁟igarette price (dambaegap in Korean), and added 쁢lectronic cigarette (jeonjadambae in Korean).
Results: Three remarkable spikes for both electronic cigarette searches and cigarette price searches were noted in 2010, 2012, and 2014 to 2015. The peaks of the cigarette price searches were followed by the peaks of electronic cigarette searches.
Conclusion: Raising cigarette prices were related to increased interest in the online searches for electronic cigarettes. Price regulation of electronic cigarette might be considered simultaneously to prevent unexpected use of electronic cigarette accompanied by tax increase of cigarette smoking.
Keywords : Cigarette Price; Electronic Cigarette; Google Trend; Search
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