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Current status and Future Directions of Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education’s School-based Research Center for Tobacco Use Prevention
J Korean Soc Res Nicotine Tob
Published online March 5, 2020
© 2020 The Korean Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco.

Ji-eun Hwang 1, *, Hanna Jung 1, Myungwha Jang 2, Deogseop Yun 3, Seunghyun Yoo 1, 2, Jung JeKarl 4, Sung-il Cho 1, 2

1Institute of Health & Environment, Seoul National University
2Graduate School of Public Health, Seoul National University
3Seoul School Health Promotion Center
4Ehwa Womans University
Correspondence to: Ji-eun Hwang, 서울대학교 보건대학원, 우편번호: 08826, 전화: 02-880-2717, 이메일:
This manuscript examines the operational status of Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education’s school-based research center for tobacco use prevention (referred to as “research center” from here on), with the purpose of conducting a self-evaluation of major accomplishments, and proposing future directions for the research center. The research center was organized to establish a project plan based on Seoul’s database on youth smoking situation and community resources, and to evaluate accomplishments and contributing projects at the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education as well as individual schools. Currently, ten researchers including a reader with two teams are involved in this research center. In the past four years since 2016, the research center has made accomplishments in policy support aspects of the project by materializing project goals and progress directions, establishing metrics for project evaluation and reinforcing networks. Furthermore, the center made contributions in technical support aspects, such as reinforcing project capability and diversifying project targets. Stable and systematic operation of the research center hinges on continuity of projects, reestablishment of roles in the project, acquisition of specialists from various fields, and strengthening of the cooperation between communities. Therefore, a nationwide expansion of such research centers—that aid school-based tobacco use prevention projects—would make significant contributions toward enhancing the project’s impact.  
Keywords : Tobacco, Smoking, Education, Adolescent, School