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Is self-reported survey accurate to assess the prevalence of novel tobacco products (electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products) use?
J Korean Soc Res Nicotine Tob
Published online November 21, 2019
© 2019 The Korean Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco.

Cheolmin Lee 1, *, Hyeji Shin 1, Sunghee Kim 1, Kiheon Lee 2, Yongjin Cho 3, Yoo Seock Cheong 4, Sungroul Kim 5

1Healthcare System Gangnam Center, Seoul National University Hospita
2Bundang Seoul National University Hospital
3Soonchunhyang University Cheonan Hospit
4Dankook University School of Medicine
5Soonchunhyang University
Correspondence to: Cheolmin Lee, 꽌슱떆 媛뺣궓援 뀒뿤濡 152 媛뺣궓뙆씠궦뒪꽱꽣 39痢 꽌슱븰援먮퀝썝 媛뺣궓꽱꽣 媛젙쓽븰怨, 슦렪踰덊샇: 06236, 쟾솕: 02-2112-5668, 뙥뒪: 02-2112-5635, 씠硫붿씪:
Background: Although there셲 been sharp increase in the use of heated tobacco product (HTP) in Korea, the accuracy has not been verified.
Methods: 121 participants to use any type of tobacco (conventional cigarette (CC), electronic cigarettes (EC), and/or HTP) and to complete an online survey in June 2019 were recruited. They were interviewed and classified into seven categories according to their combination
Results: Differences between self-reported and interviewer-rated tobacco use pattern was 39.7% (48/121). Great differences of prevalence were observed in HTP only (0% vs 24.8%), triple use (18.2% vs 4.1%) and dual use of CC/HTP (22.3% vs 14.0), but relatively small differences were in CC only (41.3% vs 42.1%), EC only (7.4% vs 9.1%), and dual use of CC/EC (10.7% vs 5.8%).
Conclusion: There was a big difference between self-reported and interviewer-related tobacco use pattern, especially among those who currently used HTP regardless of CC or EC use
Keywords : tobacco, electronic cigarette, heated tobacco product, survey